Millions of children all over the world are unable to access education because of wars, humanitarian crises and emergencies. Schools shut down, funding is reduced or inexistent, and children and teenagers live in extreme conditions, which not only affect their everyday life but can compromise their future.

Today this is happening in the Middle East and in Sub-Saharan Africa: 37 million children are unable to attend school and, among them, 14 million between the ages of 3 and 15 are refugees or internally displaced because of conflicts in their home country.

"Emergency" situations often persist over long periods of time in fact, almost 90% of refugees and internally displaced people have lived in temporary camps and structures for over 10 years.
By growing up without a steady educational path, millions of children enter adulthood with no cultural or professional background.
Offering educational services in emergency situations is often equivalent to saving lives.

Where war undermines communities by making them live in fear and threats of violence, schools built by COOPI offer a safe learning space that protects the physical and psychological integrity of children and teenagers.

COOPI ensures lessons and sports activities, which can reduce the psychological impact of conflict on students by strengthening their sense of stability and routine.
Schools can also respond to essential needs by providing medical, hygienic, nutritional and psychosocial services for students, teachers and families. In other words, schools in crisis contexts are an emblem of hope for today and tomorrow and real opportunities for future generations.

A child who escapes war and continues to study is a warrior. Help a Warrior today!

With $25, you can provide educational materials for a child

With 50$ you can provide temporary support and training for teachers.

With 100$ you can provide a blackboard and other school supplies for the classrooms.

With $250 you can contribute to the reconstruction of schools destroyed during the conflicts.