Ethiopia, in the north-east Afar region, is facing the worst drought emergency of the past 50 years. More than 12 million people are at risk. Because of the atmospheric phenomenon known as “El Niño”, the rainy season was shortened and the availability of water has dropped from 15 to 5 liters per day per person. Consequences are dramatic for most of the communities involved, which mainly rely on agriculture and livestock.

COOPI identified possible ways to prevent disasters and prepare the population to be resilient by:

  • Increasing access to and availability of safe water supplies.
  • Improving sanitation facilities and hygiene practices of vulnerable communities.
  • Improving the capacity of targeted communities and the local institutions to monitor, mitigate and respond to drought risks.

Since the beginning of the crises, COOPI has provided water to more than 9,400 people in the Afar region, and helped improve malnutrition and poor sanitation conditions for thousands of children.

We need your help to scale up this project, provide more people with safe water and to:

  • Rehabilitate old water system distributions in 4 provinces for a total of 23,000 people.
  • Run informational campaigns in 9 villages about the use of scarce water and sanitation sessions.
  • Distribute a potable water kit to a total of 12,000 people.
  • Distribute small quantities of milk animals like goats to vulnerable families, as a way to combat increasing malnutrition.
Support COOPI’s Drought Emergency Response in Ethiopia and Horn of Africa today!

With $25 you can provide filters to purify water for a family

With $50 you can provide water distribution for a family for one month

With $100 you can provide small livestock for a vulnerable family

With $300 you can help rehabilitate an old water distribution system