By joining forces with friends, supporters and partners in the US, we believe that the mission of COOPI –
to reduce poverty and build resilience of communities worldwide – can be elevated even further.

In the US, we are focusing on three priority programs that we are asking for your help in advancing:

  • Help a Warrior - Niger, Lebanon and Iraq
    Every day thousands of girls in refugee camps in Africa and the Middle East face dangers, threats and violence to do what is considered normal for other children. We must help these girls with their fight. We must ensure that they receive an education to improve not only their present situation, but their future. Their education is essential, because education is the first growth factor of every person and their community.   LEARN MORE
  • testimonial-congo-main
    The Cinderellas of Bukavu – Democratic Republic of Congo
    In Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), COOPI provides shelter and education to more than 100 young girls accused of being witches by local superstitions. These girls, some as young as six years old, have been forced out of their homes and shunned by their communities. Any time a family tragedy occurs, such as the death of a family member, a severe illness or a financial loss, it’s common for ignorance and superstition to blame a young girl, holding her responsible as an “evil witch”. The reason is often to be found in the complex socio-economic and cultural environment of deprivation in which many families are forced to live. LEARN MORE
  • Ethiopia
    Drought Emergency Response – Ethiopia and Horn of Africa
    Ethiopia, in the north-east Afar region, is facing the worst drought emergency of the past 50 years. More than 12 million people are at risk. Because of the atmospheric phenomenon known as “El Niño”, the rainy season was shortened and the availability of water has dropped from 15 to 5 liters per day per person. Consequences are dramatic for most of the communities involved, which mainly rely on agriculture and livestock. LEARN MORE
Sekina's Story

“One night, my mother, my brothers and I had to escape from our village because of an attack by Boko Haram. We had to walk 500 kilometers, we were starving and thirsty… After many days we reached a refugee camp, where we started going to school. I like going to school and I am happy to learn how to read and write. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher because education is fundamental to live well and in peace”.

Sekina, 12 years old, refugee in Niger