Food Security

Ensuring access to food of sufficient quantity and quantity to ensure nutrition and a healthy life, both in rural and urban communities.

“I learned how to plant seeds, learned about planting extension and, with this knowledge I have now, I am selling more vegetables. There is no lack of food in my house anymore. And this is possible because of COOPI.”

Austin Yusiuf, program participant, Malawi, 2014


Combatting child malnutrition and promoting maternal and child health, understanding that the health of mothers and their young children are intertwined.

“When I started the exclusive breastfeeding, my family wanted me to stop and give water to my baby. But I decided to apply and respect the project’s recommendations. Then I realized that my child is healthy thanks to the exclusive breastfeeding. Instead, mothers that gave water to their children are obliged to bring them to the hospital because they often get sick.”

Flore Kumbi, program participant, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2015

Water & Sanitation

Improving safe water access and sustainable use, as well as attention to hygiene and sanitation practices.

“Many people do not have the means to get water not even for cooking or washing. There just isn’t any water ‘on-tap’. So the beneficiaries reaction was terrific! They were extremely happy to have their own water filters as now they can have safe water in their homes. For them, it’s a dream come true.”

Esperancia Caesar, COOPI field agent, Haiti, 2015


Ensuring that all women, girls, men and boys can enjoy their rights on equal terms in safety and dignity, including in times of conflict, internal displacement and natural disasters.

“Little by little, I took courage: I learnt a job and I came back to my home village. I really thank COOPI because it never left me alone. Today I work in my own garage, I am an appreciated mechanic and I have a family.”

Assana, former child solider, Central African Republic, 2015

Environment & DRR

Ensuring environmental sustainability and integrating the principles of prevention, mitigation and preparedness into action of local communities and governments in response to disasters resulting from natural phenomena.

“Today we rescued 25 wounded people, which shows that we young people must be prepared for any emergency. Everything we learned here will help us a lot. They are thing we can put into practice in schools, but also where we live. No matter the reward, we have the satisfaction of saying: ‘I saved a life’.”

Youth participants in the First Games to Disasters Preparedness, Ecuador, 2015