“Since the first days back in 1965 we at COOPI recognized that development is a collaborative process”
Fr. Barbieri, founder (b.1931– d.2010)

COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale is a nonprofit humanitarian organization committed to building resilience and fighting against poverty in the Global South. Over the past 50 years, COOPI has touched more than 100 million lives in 63 countries around the world.

Because global problems need collaborative solutions, we truly believe that building partnerships is the best way to have a more profound impact. Through the American Friends of COOPI, we seek to engage American partners and supporters to help us implement programs that build the resilience and reduce poverty of disadvantaged and marginalized groups around the world.

Friends of

There have always been strong links between the US and Italy. At COOPI, we want to embrace that spirit of friendship in order to mobilize supporters in the US to help millions of people in the Global South – from Ecuador to Ethiopia – and many places in between.

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Since 1965, COOPI has helped more than 100 million people through 1,600 projects in 63 countries. With more than half a century of experience and results, COOPI is the nonprofit most trusted by local partners.

In order to continue our work and expand COOPI’s impact over the next 50 years, we are asking American supporters to join us and become a friend of COOPI.

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Our Commitment

COOPI is committed to reducing poverty and contributing to the development of the communities it cooperates with around the world. COOPI combines a flexible, multisector approach and decades of expertise to implement current and long-term development and relief needs to the ultimate benefit of building resilience and reducing poverty in communities in the Global South.



Food Security

400,000 people in emergency contexts supported through food distribution and
35,000 people supported through cash transfers

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Nutritional support provided for 100,000 children, 11,000 pregnant women and
nursing mothers and 2,800 HIV+ people with severe acute malnutrition

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Environment & DRR

520,000 people benefitted from increased activities reinforcing capacity of disaster risk reduction

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Water & Sanitation

80,000 people provided with access to safe water

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20,000 children provided with medical and psycho-social support

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By joining forces with friends, supporters and partners in the US, we believe that the mission of COOPI – to reduce poverty and build resilience of communities worldwide – can be elevated even further. In the US, we are focusing on three priority programs that we are asking for your help in advancing:

Help a Warrior – Niger, Lebanon and Iraq

Cinderellas of Bukavu – Democratic Republic of Congo

Drought Emergency Response – Ethiopia and Horn of Africa

Your help can make the difference